AskDrO’s 10 Absolute Things Men Love In Women

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Ladies…we have done posts in the past regarding relationships, how to love the one you’re with, and what red-flag signs to look for. Whether you  are single or already with the love of your life, you can benefit from learning a few things men love about you. After reviewing the results of a survey, lists the ten greatest things men love about women, or things they look for in a woman. How do you stack up? Read on to find out:

10.) Independence – because no man wants to babysit his woman all the time. If you enjoy your time away from him (while still missing him) it shows that you are a great woman.

9.) Intelligence – let’s face it: some men like their women ditsy, but after a while, it gets boring. An intelligent woman not only challenges her man, but ensures a sense of versatility and spontaneity in the relationship.

8.) Sexuality – sexual compatibility is also an important attribute in a relationship. No matter what your taste or preference is, men love women who are sexually expressive and explorative as well. Technique or precision isn’t always key; passion and communication are what matters most.

7.) Attractiveness – first impressions are usually lasting ones, especially if a man is looking for the long-term. Although looks aren’t everything, a man wants to be proud to have you by his side, so whether it’s from looks or from logic, your confidence in what makes you beautiful must stay strong throughout.

6.) Respect – this goes a LONG way, ladies. Being respectful to your man means listening (even when you don’t want to), or effectively communicating with him without demeaning him. NEVER cause a scene in public; discuss issues in private and have a diplomatic and tactful approach.

5.) Non-Controlling – don’t try to control your man, ladies. That not only drives him away, but causes him to look elsewhere for someone else. Allow your man to be himself without fear of your judgment. If he wants to dance in the mirror to Beyoncé, either laugh it off, or videotape it.

4.) Non-Complaining – we’re not telling you to be mute, but learn to pick your battles. Nagging after a couple of dishes in the sink is hardly ever a reason…but if he’s staying out all night without calling you, then yes, you SHOULD let him have it!

3.) Honesty/Genuineness – a really great woman will try to get to know her man, body and soul. This means spending time with his friends and family, tolerating drama in and out while providing some solutions to problems and empathizing with other issues. For instance, if one of his closest friends gets dumped, she won’t only say, “oh, that’s terrible”.

2.) Loving – loving your man unconditionally means loving him in his freshest suit or grimiest underwear. Also, the way a woman speaks and reacts to her man on a daily basis tells a lot. If there is little to no contact with her man, or she doesn’t listen well, perhaps she’s not the one.

1.) Inspiration – a man wants a woman who will inspire him to become a better individual, but she MUST FIRST be an inspiration and positive influence to herself. A good woman won’t have to do or say much to show this; it’s seen in her aura. If a man suddenly has a different perspective about treating women, or finds himself getting his finances in order, perhaps his love for you could be the reason.

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to add a couple of thoughts on the site.

Dr. O

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