Aretha Franklin To Undergo “Mystery” Surgery

Aretha Franklin

“Rock Steady” doesn’t really describe the Queen of Soul’s health condition right now. 68 year-old singer Aretha Franklin is set to undergo surgical procedures today, but for what, we don’t know. It’s a “mystery medical surgery” (we speculate gastric bypass, but anything is possible.) Those who follow her know about her fading health condition and issues, primarily with her weight. Following a fall in August that left her with two broken ribs, doctors recommended that she “lay low” for a few months, which meant canceling her shows until May 2011. Since then, a lot of buzzing has occurred in her personal circle, but no one is leaking any information on what exactly is ailing her. The Associated Press reported of a prayer vigil held in Detroit for her safe recovery and although she wasn’t present, she did make a note that “prayers are good” and thanked the Detroit City Council for their support.

Although we don’t know the specifics of her surgery, we too hope that it’s nothing serious, and that she gets well soon. Let’s not forget that she’s an 18-time Grammy winner, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and is listed as one of the Greatest Singers of All Time. We will keep you posted as results come in!

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