Hell Hath No Fury Like An Accuser’s Scorn…

Anthony Flagg & Maurice Robinson

Well, it looks like Bishop Eddie Long’s trials are still far from over. Just when you thought all the twists are completed, there is yet another curveball thrown into the case. New evidence in the case surrounds accusers Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg. Allegedly, BEFORE the Bishop Long scandals surfaced, the two were previously arrested on burgulary charges after being caught on church security cameras. Sources say that on a Sunday night/early Monday morning, two hooded men broke into Bishop Long’s private church office and “heisted” the pastor’s quarters of several valuables, including an iPad, iPhone and miscellaneous goods…but, as usual, there’s a twist.

The supposed “mea culpa” that supposedly hung over the young men’s heads wasn’t for a heist after all. Despite the theft of an iPad and iPhone, more than $100,000 in jewelry and other goods remained untouched, therefore, an investigation was launched to find the reason for this bizarre break-in. It was found that the accusers broke in Long’s office to obtain evidence to substantiate their claims against him, which included photos, phone messages, emails, etc. between the Bishop and themselves. Of COURSE Bishop Long’s legal team will try to use this as ammo to shoot down the accusers’ claims, but two factors play against it. First, the fact that most of the expensive materials (jewelry, etc.) weren’t stolen DON’T exactly support the theory of robbery. Second, because they were sexually abused, they have the TRUTH…that most sexually abused individuals “act out” in strange ways sometimes, this episode included.

Which brings me to a “by the way” sidebar: What the heck is Bishop Long doing with over $100,000 worth of jewelry anyways? Now, we JUST completed a post on pastors, preachers and pimps (click here to read), and from this latest development, it seems that Bishop Long’s status bar is slowing dropping from the “Pastor” spectrum to the “Pimp” spectrum. A lot of us don’t even have $100,000 worth of home equity OR in our 401K, but this man has it in jewelry (I’d like to see what is tax write-offs look like). Despite the accusers’ “collection of evidence” claim, many pro-Bishop churchgoers are contrasting those claims, painting the young men as thuggish criminals and misguided youth of the church, and further stating that their motive was money. Jamaal Parris, who became a key outspoken figure and former victim of Bishop Long, commented on the latest development. Says Parris: “They are feeding the media that this is about money…[the accusers] were collecting evidence because they were tired, tired of being hurt and used – so they decided to stand up for themselves….”

Although the collected evidence was stolen, it’s not going to be dismissed as exhibits in the mediation case. Based on findings in these exhibits, Bishop Long will have to face the consequences of his actions, as well as the accusers who broke into his private office. Now I’m not saying that what they did was correct or incorrect; stealing is one of the ten Commandments that God says NOT to do. However, do Bishop Eddie Long’s longtime coercions call for this sort of vigilant act, or was this a situation where the accusers should have “turned it over to God”?

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