Modern Day Lynching: Leave Cam Newton Alone

Cam Newton

Racism is still alive and well, ESPECIALLY in sports and educational settings. After decades of proving to the masses that “we have a voice too”, we still don’t get the credit we deserve. Our abilities are downplayed to look like “anyone can do that”, and when we do finally reach a “peak”, more than half of the time is spent defending our rights for that position. Such is true for this latest ordeal surrounding Auburn University’s Cam Newton. As one of the Heisman hopefuls this season, Cam Newton displayed exceptional skills on the football field. His athleticism in the classroom and society, however, was not so impressive. Newton’s had a few run-ins with the law. In 2008, he was arrested on charges of possession of stolen goods, in which he allegedly stole a student’s $1700 laptop and threw it out the dorm window when authorities attempted to search for it. Upon further questioning, Newton claimed that he bought the laptop out the trunk of a vendor’s vehicle.

Fast forward to 2010 and Cam Newton is once again under fire for a “discrepancy”, this time involving bribery and under-the-table handouts. Initially, Newton was a quarterback playing at the University of Florida under controversial coach Urban Meyer (who’s also got a knack for landing his players in the hands of the law.) Despite his stellar athletics, Newton wasn’t the fore-runner for the Gators; he was playing second to now-NFL player Tim Tebow. During his stint at the university, Cam was under fire for breaking several student honor codes, including plagiarizing fellow students’ works and purchasing final reports for several classes. Newton and his family withdrew from Florida and transferred to Auburn University, but the motivation for that switch remains unknown, despite several speculations.

Fast forward to current times and Cam has shown dazzling skills, propelling his career as a student-athlete and creating a bright future in sports. But with every step forward is a step back…NOW, there is an investigation into a “pay-for-play” scenario constructed between Newton’s father and the owner of a scouting service (to the sweet tune of $180,000). Apparently, Newton’s father, Cecil, claims this investigation as a “character assassination”, but this attempt was legit enough to deem his son ineligible for play (this happened this past Tuesday). As a result, the NCAA reinstated Cam’s playability, stating that the investigation had insufficient evidence that a barter of any fashion was executed. So although Auburn’s Newton was “cleared for take-off”, the residual murmurs and buzz surrounding his validity in taking home the Heisman will begin (need we regale you of the Reggie Bush Heisman scandal?).

Our advice: LEAVE CAM NEWTON ALONE! It is the issue of more Blacks excelling in athletics, or is there a hidden motive behind these scandals? Although we know that the physical act of lynching is illegal, today’s racists have only concocted a more undetectable method of it: the lynching  of one’s spirit. Even if Newton’s father did participate in the “pay-for-play” scheme or deal, if Cam never knew about it, then that’s the end! Don’t strip him of a well-deserved honor because of his father’s wrongdoing. At the end of the day, GREATNESS IS GREATNESS! There is no price tag, debate, doubt, or question about someone’s raw talent and abilities! By the way he scored 6 TDs today.

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