Oprah Winfrey’s Tired of the Lesbian Rumors…And So Are We!

Oprah Winfrey - Queen of Daytime Talk Show

In an age where we should rely more on our personal friends and family to help see us, and a world where media BEGS for us to falter and crumble for the sake of a publication’s paycheck, Oprah Winfrey has done PHENOMENALLY well with keeping close ties and consistent, lasting relationships with her circle. Many actors, actresses, artists, entertainers, etc. go through the stories of “management switcheroo” and playing musical chairs with their “BFF’s”, only to come back to square one in the end. Thus, the cycle continues over, but in a more damaging fashion. Oprah has defeated the odds and has accomplished what even NORMAL friends don’t: solidified a relationship with her “best friend Gayle” (known as Gayle King) for more than 2 decades. As an empress of talk-show TV, Oprah has relied on King’s expertise, guidance and humor in abundant segments of her show. Her incorporation of Gayle shows us that her bond is not just for television, but for life. In truth, a lot of us who may be Oprah’s age confide in at least ONE great friend to let loose our emotions and our innermost secrets, and that best friend has been like our platonic “spouse” since, well, FOREVER. But, would that equate to a romantic or sexual relationship?

After enduring a timeline of lesbian speculations and gay-themed banter, Oprah and Gayle’s undaunted friendship sustained (and let’s be honest, we all had our own humor about what “my best friend Gayle” really meant.) But even a Queen with an iron-clad spirit sometimes drops the armor. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Winfrey breaks down after being asked about pesky lesbian rumors. Says Winfrey on Gayle: “She is … the mother I never had. She is … the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person. I don’t know a better person.” She then furthers the emotional sit-down by holding back tears to continue: “It’s making me cry because I’m thinking about…how much…I probably have never told her that.”

Why isn’t it possible for best friends to have a special, closely-knit bond between each other without the sexual connotation? Is it uplifting to Oprah, let alone ANYONE, to sum a relationship, or friendship from just ONE aspect or speculation? This is a Black woman who is a BILLIONAIRE; because of that, the masses, especially racists, are looking for the next opportunity to KICK…HER…DOWN! It doesn’t even matter if you watch her show, or get tired of seeing her on the cover of her own magazine each month….Oprah’s got it going ON, and we need more of us (yes, us, Black people) to support her.

Oprah: never stop what you are doing…God sees your philanthropy and your vision and will provide for you. We get tired of the silly rumors regarding you and Gayle, and the fact that your relationship with her remains unchanged truly shows the kind of character you have!

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