Phaedra fights back last night!

Last night, the Real Housewives of Atlanta really heated up! There were several rumors flying about Phaedra’s baby that Kim implemented.  In the episode last night, Phaedra finally addressed some of the rumors, in her own way. The one in particular that she addressed was the one about her baby being an “alien.” Phaedra has a beautiful baby and is a creation from God.  Kim had no business opening her mouth like that and Phaedra certainly addressed this issue in last night’s episode.

Here is the thing. We all may have had a question or two about when and where Phaedra got married, but who cares. If you do the calculations, she was pregnant for nine months, and has now had the baby.  What is interesting is that none of the girls, except Kim made remarks about the baby. This was unacceptable and Phaedra being the true DIVA that she is, fought back on last night’s episode.

A lot of people don’t like her but I personally know that Phaedra does not take any hostages. What if it was your baby that Kim made those nasty comments about to friends? Would you fight back? Would you let her have it? Just what did she mean by calling that gorgeous little baby an alien? Phaedra broke her down and let her have it right up the middle. I am proud of Phaedra because she took care of this situation like any woman would have done for her child. We can attack the RHOA all day long but leave their kids alone.

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