Self Psychoanalysis with Dr.Owens of

For your entertainment only, I (Dr.O) will take those of you that are interested through self-analysis over the course of the next several days. Analysis should be complete, for most of you that are normal, by December 31, 2010. If you are interested in participating, keep a note pad and pencil next to your computer, desk or bed.  Where-ever your think-tank station is, that should be where your pad is at all times.

Participant Agreement:

Inorder to participate in this process you have to agree to the following five bullet points:

  1. Frank Openness and Honesty with oneself.
  2. Willingness to deal with your own paranoia.
  3. No “any kind” of sex for the next 12 days.
  4. Have an open basin with clear blue water.
  5. Access to a cathartic because purging may be necessary.

This process will take approximately 15 days to complete. You must have a firm willingness to “Look at the MAN/Woman in the Mirror. If you have sexuality issues, just choose a sex and that will be alright.  The process can be anxiety provoking. You may find somethings out about yourself that are mean, nasty and ugly. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable but straight-forward.  I will be with you throughout the process so…..don’t fear!

Analysis begans tommorrow…..Stay Tuned…..Stay Prepared….and Get Ready to discover a New You!

Criteria for Participation in Analysis 2010:

  • At least one-failed relationship in each year of 2009 and 2010 (bad marriages count for two)
  • At least one-sexual partner in 2010
  • No sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) for at least 5 years
  • Be an active member of the FB and a member of AskDrO fanpage on FB
  • Have NO outstanding or bounced checks( whoops there goes a lot of people)
  • Have a least (2) credit cards in good standing (credit not debit cards)
  • Have all utilities in your name or your spouse’s name (not in your children’s or dog’s name)
  • No outstanding warrants or recent convictions

You must meet ALL of the criteria above to participate in this exercise.  If you are seeing a psychiatrist, you must get his/her approval.  If you are a psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed therapist you must be stable on  your own medications.

Once again thanks in advance for your attention and particpation,


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