Do You Have Cabin Fever Yet? Ten Remedies by AskDrO

If you have “Cabin Fever” and you are sick of being stuck in the house…..Here are 10 Remedies prescribed by Dr.O:

  1. Run outside naked and scream.
  2. Call an enemy and tell them that you “love them.”
  3. Open the bills, on the side of the bed, that you have been refusing to open for months.
  4. Call your boss to be sure that you have paid leave. (If not you will be mad as heck Monday when you get your check!)
  5. Ask your husband if he is “Gay.” (So what if he gets mad)
  6. Clean out the refrigerator. Anything green should be discarded.
  7. Catch-up on Good Times re-runs on TVONE.
  8. Take a bath. (There are places that a shower has been missing. Don’t make me expose you)
  9. Do NOT check work e-mail.  There may be an assignment that you are responsible for while at home.
  10. Ask your wife why Sheila is always in your house, when you are not at home.  You know your wife’s traveling partner. (Lesbianism 101)

If you are in need of  marriage counseling after any of the above responses, I promise to be open Wednesday rain, snow, or sleet.  However, please be prepared to pay the necessary co-pay or out-of-pocket expenses.  This is Day 2 of the snow storm so still  be careful. I know that many of you are anxious and feeling on edge so just stay on the site ( and catch-up on old blogposts.

We always hope that our families will live healthy, full lives and make the right decisions. However, what happens when one of our family members become depressed, anxious, or display uncontrolled emotions? In this case, they may be suffering from a mental issue and not know it. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body; taking the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment will ensure a healthier start on life!

Happy or Unhappy Snow Day 2,


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