Suge Knight’s Arrest For “Killing Tupac” A Hoax.

Suge Knight NOT Arrested For Tupac Murder

In the sleuth of online celebrity death rumors and end-of-the-year untruths, perhaps this one took the cake in regards to shocking news. It was from the genius of an anonymous creator that news footage was doctored and posted on YouTube, supposedly pointing to the arrest of Marion “Suge” Knight for shooting Tupacif only it was true though. If any of you have paid close attention to the video, you will notice many discrepancies in the news icons, primarily the dates. Apparently the video hoax was a huge success, raking in more than 200,000 viewers within hours of being posted.

Now I don’t know what the goal was for releasing this video, other than the pure satisfaction of gaining attention, but making the general public believe that the 14 year-old cold case of Death Row’s premier rapper is a little harsh. So what was the Death Row mogul’s REAL reason for the arrest? TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS! Knight was simply arrested for driving with a suspended license and assault, a far-fetched reality to the more grim assumption of Tupac’s murde

So who’s the mastermind behind this viral video fiasco? It was revealed that an aspiring rapper named “Klasik” set the whole joke in motion. “Klasik”, whose real name couldn’t be found, is an Ohio native.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Is Tupac really dead?
  2. Will there be a new Tupac album in 2011?
  3. Why is there so much fascination surrounding this one man’s death?
  4. Did this publicity scheme work?

AskDrO wants to hear from you on this issue…….

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