T.I.: Caught Having Sex in Jail!

I have heard of “Sex in the City” but never “Sex in the Jail.” I know that T.I. can’t be that horny and Tiny can’t be that nasty.  There has to be some reckoning for these two people. It appears that they just have no home training or concept of self-preservation. My first question to T.I. is, “Do you have a suicidal wish for yourself as a pop-star?” The next question is, “Do you have ANY self-control?”

Here is the thing, is it really necessary for this couple to continuously embarrass themselves in public. Now, Tiny there are just a few instances when you should lie.  When Ricky Smiley called you the other morning and asked you the million dollar question, that would have been an appropriate time to “lie.”  Self-esteem is not the hallmark of that house. I sometimes wonder if they practice these publicity schemes or do they just fall into their laps.

I am really beginning to feel that both T.I. and Tiny most probably  have  a psychiatric disorder. They both have significant symptomatology that we, Psychiatrists, usually see in Personality Disorders. I will not attempt to diagnose either of them because they are NOT my patients.  Furthermore,  I have not had the opportunity to particiapte in a face-to-face evaluation with them and I can not practice medicine in Arkansas.  However, is appears that both stars have some sort of  impulse-control phenomena going on. I am also not sure if there is a mood disorder, i.e. Bipolar Disorder,  lurking about in their psyche!  Moreover, I would certainly NOT rule anything out including Schizophrenia.  I would be remiss if I did not remind you of their Substance Abuse issues, also.  These are all treatable illness by the right Psychiatrist. The two of them have gone way pass simple psychotherapy without medications.  This is just my opinion on the outside looking in at the recurrent debacles.

  • Do you believe that T.I. was really that Horny?
  • Is Tiny just a “freak?”
  • Should conjugal visits be allowed for bad pop-stars?
  • Does this type of behavior go on all the time?
  • Let me hear what you think….


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