Top Ten Things Grown-Folks Do on A Snow Day!

  1. Call-Out from work or graduate school
  2. Curl-Up to a Good Book
  3. Lock the Children in the Basement
  4. Pray for another Snow Day
  5. Wash “Dirty” Clothes
  6. Snug-Up to a day of Lifetime Movies
  7. Play on Facebook (whatever that means to you)
  8. Meditate and Pray for peace, prosperity and joy for several hours
  9. Cook a Pot of Soup
  10. Sex throughout the whole day with the person(s)  of their choice

Now as your friendly local Psychiatrist, it does not matter which one you participate in this morning,  However, just remember September is a good month for a newborn. LOL Enjoy your Snow Day, Be Safe, Get Rest and Have Fun! Also, use this time to catch-up on some of my old blog posts.

Now Did I forget your favorite thing to do? Is this list comprehensive enough?   Should more sex be included in the post? Let me hear your suggestions for this Snow Day……



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