Update: Aretha Franklin’s Health Status!

 Aretha Franklin is a “fighter.” The strong rumor of Pancreatic Cancer has not got her down.  She is a woman of integrity and strong faith.  Ms. Franklin had her first health-status interview with JET and told them, “I don’t have to talk about my health with anybody other than my doctors. The problem has been resolved.”

Now you all know that I personally love Wendy Williams. I like her because what you see is what you actually get.  She is very friendly and nice to her audience and staff as well.   I would describe her as “fun-loving.” My experience on her show was a first and wonderful.  She even gave AskDrO,  from Atlanta, a little special treatment. I was on the second row of the show.  If I were a little thinner, I probably would have got on the front row seat.LOL’

Today she went over the top with the Queen of Soul! Aretha Franklin said, “My Health is Superb!” Aretha is hanging out in a Casino hotel in downtown Detroit.  However, she wants to head to Hilton Head Beach soon. She did inform us that she has two more weeks of downtime.  Ms.Franklin is rescheduling all of her cancelled engagements. The DIVA also let Wendy Williams know that she only dates “Men.” She also noted that if R. Kelly is not careful she may become a” cougar.”   LOL  Aretha Franklin also let us know that her biography is in process and Halle Berry will play the young Aretha.

As a physician, I will just let you know that she sounded wonderful. Of course, because it was a telephone interview, we did not actually see her  but her voice was strong and sounded just like the Aretha we have all know for a long time. Hats off to Wendy for being real and a woman of class and integrity. Also, I can’t wait to see Aretha Franklin on the Wendy Williams Show!

Enough Said,


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