10 Reasons That Relationships Fail

Is your relationship headed for the rocks?


1.  Poor Communication

  • Many couples, both gay and straight, have problems in this area.  Mates have to be open and honest concerning all issues that come up in a relationship. It is usually not as bad as it seems.

2. Infidelity

  • The grass looks greener on the other side, but it is usually withered. Just remember what goes around usually comes around. In essence, if they will do it to your mate, they will do it to you later. Please be advised.

3. Cash-Flow Problems

  • Where there is NO money, there is NO peace. I don’t care how much a person loves you or how good the sex maybe, lack of funds usually leads to trouble.

4. Irregular sex dates

  • Please, please be sure that you are sexually compatible. Guess what: if your spouse/lover likes it 2-3 times a week and you don’t, they may be tempted to seek happiness elsewhere. (If you know what I mean)

5. Pre-mature ejaculation

  • This is a terrible problem for a lot of men. Ladies, if you require longevity, don’t sell yourself short in the beginning. You will only become more frustrated over time.

6. Excessive Working

  • I know that you like your job, but don’t make it your life and forget about your spouse/lover. Workaholics are no fun and usually have problems in bed.

7. Best Friends

  • They can certainly be a problem if they are single or in a bad relationship themselves. Just remember that misery loves company; you can have a perfectly normal relationship and end up in conflict listening to that best friend.

8. Lack of Intimacy

  • Some people just want to be held. The actual act of sex is not a requirement. Holding, caressing, kissing and toes-touching is quite fun when done with the one you love.

9. Television/Football

  • Remember, don’t put anything before your mate. If they want to have second quarter sex, Just Do It!

10. Unemployment

  • Unemployment is so unattractive. Brothers: you have to get a job in order to get some poopie! Sex with a broke brother is a prosecutable offense.
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