10 Things That “REAL” Women Hate!

A survey of 50 women yielded the following results:

10.  A man that whines regularly (A Sissy)

9.     A man with poor personal hygiene (Breath and/or Butt)

8.     A man who has problems with anger-management

7.    A man who who does NOT take care of his responsibility ( Pay Child Support)

6.    A man who lies about paternity or children.

5.    A man who is sexually inadequate. (Fill-In the blanks)

4.     A man who refuses to maintain employment ( A Bum)

3.    A man addicted to Play Station (Immaturity is his middle name)

2.    A man who places his mother over his immediate family (Momma’s Boy)

1.   A man confused about his sexuality (The DL Brother)

Now I am sure that the list could go on and on.  However, we are NOT men bashing, just making a few brief observations. Do you agree with the above list?  Do you have an observation to make that we should add as an essential to the list? Are you married to or dating the perfect man? Let’s hear your thoughts on the topic…

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