Are You An Emotional Eater? (Nutrition & Your Health)

A lot of people, including myself, constantly battle the bulge. However, some of us are losing the fight. If you fail to address this issue you may be moving forward to a “premature death.” Hypertension, Obesity and Diabetes are medical problems that we have some control over. It is essential to address behaviors and patterns early in our lives. A lot of you may say,” well I don’t have diabetes and or hypertension.” Take it from me, a licensed physician, you most probably will later. I just want to take this time to share with you some warning signs of “emotional eating.” It is used to surpress difficult or uncomfortable emotions.

Warning Signs of Emotional Eating!

  1. Late Night Eating Alone in the bedroom
  2. Restaurant eating after a stressful day at work
  3. Carbohydrate craving when mad, angry or depressed (sweets and/or potato chips)
  4. Refrigerator in the bedroom
  5. Goody drawer in the bedroom
  6. More than 2 grocery store visits in one 7 day period
  7. Eating more even though full
  8. Snacks in the car console
  9. More than two boxes of cookies open at one time
  10. Excessive use of laxatives or cathartics secondary to constipation


Emotional eating can be very disabling.  If you find yourself getting angry at family members or friends over the last piece of chicken, you should really get HELP!  This may sound comical but it is a sign of a very serious issue. Please call our office for an appointment if you are failing in your rumble with the bulge.


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