AskDrO’s 10 Money Management Tips for 2011

Learn to be financially stable in 2011
  1. Balance your checkbook regularly.
  2. Research and be aware of hidden banking fees from your bank.
  3. Open a Money Market account and place at least 5-10% of your income, per pay period in the Money Market.
  4. Invest, Invest, Invest! Seek out the proper advice before purchasing any mutual funds, annuities, etc.
  5. Update and evaluate your Life Insurance. Also, be sure that all of your friends have Life Insurance. Make this a discussion over a card game of “Spades.”
  6. Refuse to write any bad checks. Yes, this means you!
  7. Pay ALL of your bills on time.
  8. Don’t over-extend yourself for holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas)
  9. Plan and pay for a Summer Vacation.
  10. File your income taxes on time even if you have to pay.
  11. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

These simple tips will ensure you an easier and more fruitful money management practice, I guarantee it! Also, it will save a boatload of headache and relationship troubles, as money is a key argument in many otherwise successful relationships!


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