Bishop Long’s “Peekaboo” Publicity Stunts

Bishop Eddie Long Breaks Media Silence

Bishop Eddie Long Breaks His Media Silence

Yes…we kick off the launch of our new site with news from Atlanta’s beloved megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long. Preceding the rumors and allegations of sexually coercing young males within New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Long went into hiding, dodging countless interviews, cameras and media outlets at the advisory counsel of his lawyers and friends, speaking exclusively to his congregation and no one else. He’d also taken a media “vow of silence” while enduring his closed-door mediation which was a result of the trial. So, while we were all Christmas shopping, celebrating New Year’s Day and observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Bishop Long was cooking up a good way to make his 2011 debut count…and boy, did he succeed! Not long after he made his appearance at the Trumpet Awards prayer breakfast, where CNN interviewed him since he went “hermit crab” on the media, did Bishop Long continue his attempt to build his “good Bishop” image via YouTube video.

What could it possibly be NOW, you ask? Apparently, Bishop Long’s list of getting back on God’s good side meant an appeal video, asking former “financial advisors” for New Birth to refund their investments to many members of the church. It doesn’t take a detective to surmise that these “investors” were really scammers who conned the congregation out of a possible $1,000,000+ in earnings and offerings. Now the congregation is questioning their trust in Eddie Long. Coincidentally, this is happening on the near-eve of Long’s mediation (can anyone here connect the dots?) but now the members are furious to think that their leader would participate in a frivolous financial act. You can imagine what the other members of New Birth are going through. Because of the sour investment plans and deals, many of its faithful patrons are swimming in debt, or having financial hardships. This just goes to show: sometimes it’s just best to give your tithes and offerings to the Lord, not to your Pastor’s investors! I’m also betting that Bishop Long got burnt in the counterfeit deal too, hence the YouTube video. If he’d gotten a cut of that profit, do you think we would hear his mouth? Anyone?

WAKE UP, NEW BIRTH CONGREGATION! The Kool-Aid at New Birth can’t be THAT strong. I’m sure at one time something said, “wait a minute…this isn’t right…” If you find yourself handing over your retirement, pension and/or turning over your piggy banks because your Pastor is doing it…perhaps you have the church blues!

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