How To Handle A Nasty Boss

A lot of you have asked me for a post surrounding this issue. Many of you feel that you have a boss that is impossible and just unable to please. Here are ten points to ponder that may help you in your current job situation:

  1. Give him/her their space. Most leaders (save a few) don’t like kiss-ups.  This can be irritating and tiring.  Do your job and step back a bit.
  2. Utilize e-mail and decrease unnecessary face-to-face interactions.  Allow them to miss you;i f you are too visible in the office you can become a target and or eyesore.
  3. Follow-through on the assigned task.  Don’t become known as a slacker.  You will surely beb gon soon in today’s economy.  If you need an evaluation for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) do it, get medications and move forward.
  4. Cease and desist with the unnecessary questions. Leaders can tell when you are “kissing-up.” This is very unattractive and anger-provoking.
  5. Do not dress inappropriately or bathe in cheap colognes.  Oftentimes, you can’t see or smell yourself and you look a mess. Dress conservatively and only wear mild fragrances in the office.
  6. Read and stay-up on office policies, politics and changes.  It is nothing like not being aware or prepared for change.
  7. Eat lunch with friends outside of your work mates. Too much time with co-workers can lead to confusion. Be precise in the time you leave and return.
  8. Come to work and leave on time.  Scheduling is everything.  In today’s economy calling-out is NOT appropriate. An occasional emrgency happens but many unionized employees abuse this opportunity.
  9. Take your scheduled vacations to prevent burn-out.  There is nothing worse than an employee who never takes time off because they are a ittle nosey.
  10. Refrain from gift-giving in the work-place. It is not in your job description to remember your bosses birthday,anniversary, wife’s birthday, children’s birthday, etc. Plus it is also very expensive.  Don’t start something you can not finish.

These are just a couple of helpful tips to ponder. I hope that they are helpful for you.


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