Is Sex A Necessary Evil for a Good Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, Love and Sex are all usually synonymous for February 14 each year.  Do you agree?  It is my belief, as a Psychiatrist, that many people get the words like love, sex, intimacy and affection mixed-up in their vocabularies. This year I would like to take the opportunity to share a couple of working definitions:

Love (3 types)

  • Eros – The love between two people that is driven by a deep set of  emotions/feelings that usually leads to a form or intercourse. (physical, verbal or emotional)
  • Agape – God’s  Love (Unconditional for Man) This is almost a one-sided love.
  • Felipe – Brotherly/Sisterly love between to individuals with heartfelt caring for each other. It usually does NOT lead to intercourse.


  • Physical contact, as a expression of feelings and  or attraction to another.  However, Love is NOT essential for sexual activity. (i.e. prostitution, rape, and molestation) However, many people would prefer to be loved prior to intercourse. Woman usually require intimacy before sex to gain an orgasm.


  • Physical, Verbal and Non-verbal cues of heartfelt feelings for another. Sex can be an ingredient but it is not essential. However”touch”is usually an essential component for this move, intimacy.


  • Deep emotions and concern for another individuals that is expressed.

Now that you have the Dr. O’s working definitions, it is my opinion that sex is NOT required for a Good Valentine’s Day, but when appropriate it would certainly be a nice night-cap. So you have my permision to have hot, passionate and exciting sex on Valentine’s Day. Let go of your inhibitions and smile, smile, and smile.

Quote:  “Find a person who is not having sex, and I will show you one frustrated person!” AskDrO

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