Ladies, Who Will Be Your Valentine?

Who will your Valentine's be this year?

This is the million dollar question that many of you may or may not have this year.  A lot of people have almost given-up on TRUE LOVE! The question is are you seeking out a Valentine for that special day.  Here is a quick checklist on what to look for in your Valentine for 2011:

  1. It has to be someone you are interested in being with, not only for one day but a Life-time.
  2. It has to be someone who is open and honest and understands the REAL  ground rules, no cheating.
  3. It has to be someone who is fun and exciting, even in bed.
  4. It has to be someone that is considerate of your feelings and the feelings of others.
  5. It should be someone who is NOT currently in bankruptcy. (no repos would be good also)
  6. It should be someone with a positive balance in their bank accounts.
  7. It has to be someone who is affectionate and sensitive.
  8. It should be someone who can, if necessary, pay for their own meal.
  9. It should NOT be someone who just wants quick sex.
  10. It should be someone who has some sort of spiritual base.

I am sure that many readers of the blog  are married to or actually  dating their Valentine.  However, please be sure that they meet ALL of the above criteria. You may have to ask a couple of “probing” questions to get the real answers to the difficult queries.   If there are some vulnerabilities in the persons finances or actual backgrounds checks, you may want to spend Valentine’s day at home where it is safe and not financially overwhelming.

True Love May Never Die, but the Bills Have to be Paid while you are Living!” AskDrO

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