Last-Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

There are several hints to February 14th and its meaning, but amidst all the displays and in-your-face clues about it, you’ve STILL managed to forget to get your Valentine a little something.

Have no fear! With the help of this video clip, AskDrO gives you a few things you can whip together in time, and still look like you thought about it the previous month:

    • Create New Gifts from Old Photos – with the help of a memory stick, you can convert your favorite couple’s photos into digital art, and frame them for your Valentine.
    • Chocolate – always works, right? As long as it’s not an itsy-bitsy heart-shaped box, you’re off the hook. Want to get real fancy? Try finding a Valentine’s basket with some tissue paper and a stuffed bear, and load it with his/her favorite candies!
    • – for those who forgot to make reservations and need to know who’s got an “open table” for Valentine’s night.
    • Make “Ghost” Plans – if you’ve just ALL-OUT FORGOTTEN, sites like allow you to make reservations for future dates, such as horseback riding, photo shoots and massages! So even IF you forgot on Valentine’s Day, saying, “I planned a romantic day for Saturday” will hold some truth! Just don’t forget to reserve the tickets BEFORE that date!

Whatever you do, DON’T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT A GIFT THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! There’s always something out there that you can do before the 14th rolls around!

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