NeNe Pops Off About ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, Targets Star Jones

NeNe makes her promo appearance on the Wendy Williams Show.

NeNe Leakes is on a roll this year; apparently she just can’t keep her big mouth shut! After her boisterous display of dominance in The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, NeNe made the trip to NYC to be a guest on The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy, who’s been known for her controversial interviews with celebrities, seemed to be upstaged by NeNe’s presence…and by presence, I mean MOUTH!

Ms. Leakes will be a featured contestant on the next Celebrity Apprentice, alongside other celebrities such as psycho-psychic LaToya Jackson and actor Gary Busey. But those “has-beens” didn’t interest NeNe at all. In fact, she spent little to no time talking about her friend-turned-rival Kim Zolciak. Who did Leakes donate her animosity to? Why, none other than the former talk show femme Star Jones! Whatever beef NeNe seems to have with Star Jones is undiscovered, but from the SOUNDS of it, she’s ready to rip Ms. Jones a new one.

Not even that far into the interview when Star was mentioned as a fellow contestant and whether or not they got along, NeNe pounced on Jones, uttering a statement to sum it all. Says Leakes: “I’m just gonna tell ya…Star is a trip. She is very special and I, uh…I really…she’s special. No, seriously, I wouldn’t spit on Star if she was on fire!”

It was a little much for us at AskDrO to stomach as well, but we can’t deny NeNe for being herself. I think, though, this upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice will be off the hook, especially if Star and NeNe have to work on a project together. Perhaps they won’t be good businesswomen in the long-run, but high drama +high ratings = good business to me! We’ll just keep our eyes peeled for the season, which premieres in March. I know that Ms. Leakes is gonna wake it up!


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