To Text or Not to Text?

Question of the Day…What is an Appropriate Text Message?

Although text messaging is a great feature readily available on almost all cellphones today…when does texting become a nuisance? Are you up to speed on your textiquette?

Dr. O weighs in.

Enough is Enough!  The over use of texting has taken over the world. A lot of people use texting as a passive-aggressive approach to communicating. I am just sick of it!   I refuse to answer inappropriate texts and so should you from this day forward. You may ask, “What are inappropriate text?”   Here is a list:

  1. Can I come over tonight?
  2. Can I borrow $20.00 dollars?
  3. How was your day?
  4. Is your wife at home?
  5. Can I borrow your car?
  6. Do you want me to come over there?
  7. Are you married?
  8. Are yall accepting applications?
  9. Where you at?
  10. Did you just call me?

That is a list of undesirable texts according to AskDrO. I would advise each of you to take the opportunity to stop people from using texting as an independent form of communicating.  What is even more disturbing to me is texting with improper grammar.  Please stop the madness.  If you have problems with subject and verb agreement, just pick-up the phone and share openly. I sometimes would agree that improper spoken language is better than improper written language.

Now I am sure that many of you would love to know what might be some proper uses of texting.  Here are a few examples;

  1. In a meeting right now. I will call you in 5 minutes.
  2. Please text me the name of the business so I can MapQuest.
  3. What time is the event?
  4. I am enroute. See you shortly.
  5. The show starts at 3:00 p.m.
  6. No thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. I am in class, can’t talk.
  9. Going through Airport Security.
  10. Who is this?

Those are just a few of what I call appropriate texts. Please tell your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, cousin, sister, brother or acquaintance that if they really have something pressing to share, wait until they have minutes or time to talk and process.  Proper Communication is the key. Miscommunication can lead to disaster. This is a Hot Topic!

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