Omega Psi Phi Party Leaves 1 Dead, 11 Injured

Blood stains lay on the road by the fraternity house.

Looks like ‘The Buckeye State” gives a new meaning to the phrase “party to death” when gunshots led to the murder of one student and left 11 others injured at an Omega Psi Phi fraternity house party near Youngstown University’s campus. According to sources, early Sunday marked the hours in which two party attendees started an altercation, resulting in the shooting and murder of 25 year-old Jamail Johnson, who was shot in the back of the head and suffered multiple gunshots in his legs and hips. The occurrence in Youngstown, Ohio was believed to have housed over 50 party-goers, some who were as young as 17 years old. Authorities are slowly trying to piece together what started the argument, and so far, they have apprehended two suspects in the case.

The alleged shooters are identified as 22 year old Columbus E. Jones and 19-year old Braylon L. Rogers; oddly enough, the two suspects aren’t even students at the university, just residents of the city. An eyewitness, DeShaun McDonald, recounts the incident: “I just heard gunshots, then immediately hit the ground so I wouldn’t be struck…he fired at least a good 12 shots.” Other eyewitnesses also explain that Johnson was trying to calm the two suspects down after they initiated the scuffle. Thanks to Youngstown police chief Jimmy Hughes, along with the help of the eyewitnesses, both shooters will appear in court on Tuesday. Prosecutors want to be sure that all aspects of this investigation are completed before sentencing them.

Now I’m trying to understand first of all why do the “Que-Dogs” have 17-year old attendees at the party? These are minors who are being exposed to alcohol and other tomfoolery when they should be at home studying! Another thing I can’t understand is why this young man tried to stop an altercation in the midst of two shooters. Now there IS something called ‘peer mediation’, but there’s also something called common sense! If two wannabe thugs want to hold a duel, you let those fools shoot themselves! This is truly a tragedy; more than 12 families have been affected by this shooting. Our prayers are truly with the families of the victims, and especially with Jamail’s family!

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