Opinion: Good or Bad Tampa Mom’s Behavior

To be or Not to Be, Ignorant, that is the question? GPA video in Florida goes viral!

The Mis-education of a negro is still a problem. A mom’s behavior is under fire, but does she just want what rightfully belongs to her son, an education?  Did your brother, nephew, cousin and or son graduate? Has any male in your family gone to college? How many black males in your family have been murdered? How many are in jail? and How many have already given-up?

The Question that many of us have is, “Was this mom’s drastic  behavior really necessary?”  The old folks use to say, “I am going to get you wherever you do the wrong!” I am not adamantly opposed to her behavior at all. The public schools systems are failing many of our students, but students must take some personal responsibility.  This mother must know that only 33% of African-American males in high school graduate. She must also know that 66% of African-American males, below 18 years old, end-up incarcerated as opposed to graduating from high school. She must be aware of these startling statistics.  Parents have to take their children back. We have to aggressively move forward to secure the futures of our young males.  This issue, of Education, must be confronted. I have five questions that I must ask each of you today;

  1. Who is really responsible for the “Mis-education of the Black Male?”
  2. Can we keep hope alive for the next generations, if ALL of our boys can’t read?
  3. Can we expect change in the public school systems?
  4. Is the system designed to keep the Black Male down?
  5. Do Black Males know, once a convicted felon, you really don’t count, that is your vote.

Now that you have heard my take on this issue, I would like to hear from you. Was this mother’s behavior inappropriate? Is it time for parents to get more involved in the process of their children’s education? How are you dealing with your son’s academic woes? Readers please don’t fall silent on this issue, I really need to hear from you.


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