What Type Of Relationship Are You In?

In ecology there are several types of relationships take some time today and analyze your relationships with your friends, loved ones and family members.  Which one applies to you?

Commensalism: is a class of relationship between two people where one person benefits but the other is neutral (there is no harm or benefit).

Mutualism: Both individuals benefit. (Ideal but usually unlikely)  

Competition: When both individuals are harmed (Rihanna and Chris Brown)

Parasitism: One person benefits and the other person is harmed. (Ike and Tina Turner)


Out of all 4 of the ones listed above the one that seemingly gets the most rave is Parasitism. I am almost positive everyone has experienced a similar relationship at one point in time in their life. Many of us have found ourselves dumbfounded and struggling to survive in a parasitic relationship.  Some how we have come across an individual who….

-Only calls when they need something (doesn’t answer your phone calls until they need to borrow m$20 bucks)

-Fails to take your feelings into consideration ( never gives you a gift on valentines day but  expects one in return)

-Neglects you but expects your full attention

-And the list could go on….

The most important question is how do you get out of such a bad relationship??

1.You should first find common ground in which both of you can come to terms and discuss the issues at hand.

2. Next set boundaries and parameters to the relationship.  Like a list of do’s and dont’s with expectations.

3. Continue to enforce those boundaries over time.

Hopefully once you have established boundaries and regained control over the relationship, to the point where it is mutually beneficial, you will be satisfied and able to move on with your life.

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