Reasons Why He Won’t ‘Put A Ring On It’…

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Okay…so you’re about 33 years old and you’ve got it goin’ on! You live a healthy lifestyle complete with a great job, great friends, a stylish closet and a Mercedes-Benz sits in your driveway. Not only are you professionally successful, but you have peace of mind. Your girlfriends tell you all the time, “girl, you’ve got it made…” and you secretly nod to yourself and say, “I know I do.” People envy the life you live, but there’s just ONE more piece you need to add to your collection: A HUSBAND. You’ve been dating a man exclusively for the past 2 years, only to feel like your relationship is stagnant. No growth is coming from it, and the more you try to get him to ‘put a ring on it’, the less attached he becomes. Why is this happening to you, though? You’re physically attractive, focused and independent, and your boyfriend mirrors the same traits you desire in any successful man. It’s a perfect fit; only this lack of a proposal is the last piece of the puzzle that you can’t find, no matter how many times you look in the box or under the table. Is it that he’s afraid of commitment? Is he just keeping you around for entertainment? DOES HE EVEN LOVE YOU?

Of course he loves you! But the problem isn’t him all the time...sometimes it’s you, ladies! Instead of worrying about a ring ON your finger, you might need to think about a few things slipping through them:

  • Quit playing “The Married By 30, 35, 40” game with yourself. Not only does this time stamp put your relationship in a crunch, but you will NEVER witness the greatness of your man focusing on a singular goal.
  • Evaluate how you’re treating HIM. A lot of men who are hesitant to marry their girlfriends do so because of the way they are treated. If you’re treating your man like an invalid, or an “LD case”, he will be “LD” to marry you.
  • Become versatile & interesting. Men enjoy the company of women who are more than one-dimensional, or have a static routine of life. If you find yourself always going out to the club and never picking up a book, you may be stifling your progression to a proposal.
  • Grow up, girl! Alluding to being married by repeating a Beyoncé Top 40 hit is EXTREMELY childish and juvenile. Work out a more mature, womanly and level-headed way to discuss wanting to be married.
  • Throw hints. OTHER than the blatant desire to be wed, let your man know that you really enjoy his company, support his dreams and interests and provide subtle compliments which will boost his confidence!
  • Laugh more: Loving and getting to know someone isn’t as serious as most of us think. Having similar comical interests, views and/or styles can REALLY move a relationship closer.
  • Spice up your sex life: Being a boring sex partner will surely NOT get you a marriage pass. Take time to explore what your man wants and enjoys and then do your best to please him!


Stable, confident and sensible men look at more than a woman’s physique as a reason to propose, or get married, to a woman. Attributes such as flaunting your physique, promising careers or decent bank accounts may help, but won’t be the deciding factor in your marriage success. It’s a matter of loving yourself, no matter what the outcome is, and sharing that love with a man who you enjoy!

Do you agree or disagree with any of these suggestions? Do you think that women who stay “a bridesmaid” don’t work on these qualities about themselves, but look to a man to fill the space? Let’s hear your thoughts on the blog!

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