Will Your Valentine’s Day Be An ‘April Fool’s Day’?

Would your lover forget Valentine's Day?

It is very important to be clear on your plans for Valentine’s Day. You know if you have a thoughtful or forgetful lover. A leopard does NOT change its spot for this one day of the year! Don’t assume that your man/woman are going to spend that day with you. Here are a couple of pointers when planning for a Valentine’s Day Weekend. Be Persistent!

  1. Ask your lover/spouse early, “Honey, what are our plans?”
  2. Leave clues on Facebook and around the house for that special gift.
  3. Be persistent when trying to get the plans.
  4. Don’t  ASSume that he/she has NOT forgotten that Special Day.
  5. Place a reminder, 2 days in advance, in his/her Blackberry. (attach a sound alarm)
  6. Leave a “forget- me- not” on your lover’s side of the bed.
  7. Wear loose fitting clothes with NO underwear the entire weekend.
  8. Hold out on sex until plans are clear.
  9. Spray some exotic perfume in the bed between the sheets. (Not too much, just enough to do the trick)
  10. Leave rose petals in the bedroom 2 days before Valentine’s Day.
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