“Fat Ho” Left Dr. O Speechless….

New Texas Restaurant, “Fat Ho Burgers” Causes Controversy

Ordering a “Supa Dupa Fly Ho With Chz” is one of the many options available at Fat Ho Burgers in Waco, Texas. The new burger joint has opened to mixed reviews.

Now I admit when I first watched the video I was FLOORED. I mean is she SERIOUS?

The owner 23-year-old owner Lakita Evans, who worked her way through college to become an entrepreneur, did not open to cause offense.

She says,

“It’s not calling people a Ho, its just like they say..’Oooh that ho is big or that ho is tight!’…”


Now I’m a little disturbed that a black female would chose to include the name “ho” in her business, I’m sure she could have used another marketing tool to garner customers. I mean this was a creative ploy to get press and people into the restaurant…but at what cost? Black woman have been disproportionally referred to and depicted as hos, b*tches, and tricks in the media and she’s making a mockery out of it! However, the lines are out the door at “Fat Ho,” so I ain’t mad atcha!


Would Y’all buy a burger from “Fat Ho?” Do you think she went too far?

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