Is Bobbi Kristina…Following in Her Famous Parents Footsteps?

Bobbi Kristina and her famous mother, Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina’s Life is Spiraling Out of Control!

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown following in Momma Whitney’s footsteps? The 18-year-old daughter of Bobbie Brown and legendary vocalist Whitney Houston is confronting photos that appear to show her allegedly snorting cocaine. To make things worse, allegations have been suggesting that the born-famous teen has a major drug problem behind the scenes. It is also being reported that she has SEX tape out and the video is being shopped around for production. Montana Fishburn anyone?

The National Enquirer, although not one of national media’s most legitimate tabloids, featured the controversial photos in this month’s issue. Entertainment News responded to the story by blasting it across mainstream media, leaving little Ms. Brown with no choice but to speak up about the accusations.

Both parents, Houston and Brown, have been very upfront about their own battles of drug addiction. Back in 2009, while promoting her album,  “I Look to You”, Houston offered her most candid interview to queen talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey. She discussed her life with Bobby Brown, their rocky relationship and their history of severe drug abuse… making us wonder if it would drive daughter Bobbi Kristina to the same fate.

Back in 2008, National Enquirer also reported that Bobbi Kristina attempted suicide at the early age of 15. This past December, there were more accusations that Bobbi Kristina’s drinking was out-of-control. Since her father’s Bravo reality show, “Being Bobby Brown”, the media hasn’t left the teenager alone.

Bobby Brown and daughter, Bobbi Kristina

With his new album on the verge of release, Bobby Brown now has no choice but to face the shaming reports. When asked about

his daughter’s drug abuse, Bobby Brown responded, “My daughter, she doesn’t, she doesn’t do that.”

Bobbi Kristina took to her Twitter page a day after the photos were publicly released and reveals that;

“a former very dear person to me did this.”

She admits to being in the pictures, but explains that her friend “set me up to make it look exactly what it looks like.”

With personal experience and an understanding of how relentless a drug addiction can be, Bobby Brown needs to keep his eyes open. It can be hard for any parent, even the very best, to believe their child may have a problem this serious. But, part of being a parent is being aware. Ignorance will only cost Bobby in the end.

I hope for Bobbi Kristina’s sake that the media’s claims are false. However, false claims are still damaging and extremely stressful for a teenager that’s growing up in the public eye. If, however, the claims prove to be true, I hope the revelation turns into the wake-up call the family needs.

Drugs are undoubtedly a vicious cycle and have cost countless people their families, futures and ultimately their lives. Bobbi Kristina has the potential to pave a fulfilling and successful future ahead of her. Let’s pray that she comes out ahead and finds the strength to overcome the drugs and/or harsh accusations in this challenging time!

Do you feel that Bobbi Kristina was doomed to battle drug addiction?

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