Looking For Love This Spring?

Spring Is Here! Dr. O Gives You Five Tips To Find Love

Tis the season to look for love! As things begin to warm up this spring, so do the hearts of singles. The cold winter has kept most everyone cooped up inside, close to their fireplaces. But, now it’s time to fire-up all the singles’ love lives and find out what this season is sure to bring… new, fresh and sexy spring flings!

It’s long been known that in order for new growth to occur, you must first clear away the debris. So, I urge the singles to say “goodbye” to missing an ex, “goodbye” to past regrets and “goodbye” to those fruitless “what if?” questions. Instead, say “hello” to starting a new beginning and the spring fling of your dreams.

The Top 5 Ways to meet your dream spring fling:

1.   Get Out

It’s fairly simple… if you don’t get out, you won’t be seen. Just like your chances of winning the lottery go up as you buy more tickets, your chances of meeting someone special increase with more exposure.

So, as the sunshine is luring people outside of their homes, you need to enjoy the rising temperatures in high-traffic areas. Make a deliberate effort to walk your dog in the busy parks, jog on the popular jogging paths and hangout at the most visited coffee shops. Be sure to smile and don’t hesitate to start a conversation…that’s where it starts!

2.  Join a Gym

Springtime alerts every male and female that swimming suit season is just around the corner. So, it also encourages them to start working on their fitness.. Gyms are an ideal place to meet people, work on your fitness and also get those endorphins going!

3.  Network

Most of us think “yeah right” when imaging ourselves asking our close network to find us a good “fish in the sea”. However, don’t underestimate the power of those that know you best. Simply ask around if your parents, siblings cousins, friends and coworkers know of anyone that would like to attend a spring event with you. Keep it light and see what they have to say… you have nothing to lose and only a spring fling to gain!

4.  Get Online

It’s true that more and more people are finding love via the internet. In fact, Match.com reports one in five relationships are a result of meeting online! Match.com, chemistry.com, eharmony.com and a million other dating networks pre-screen any “spring-fling” potentials when you make your custom profile. Thus, they scientifically check for compatibility and you don’t have to do as much “weeding out.”

5.  Speed Date
Go to a local speed dating event and see for yourself! The benefit of using a speed dating service is not only the screening process, but also the person-to-person contact you won’t find online. It’s quick, non-committal and if nothing else, will hone your dating/conversation skills. This will translate into more confidence, which will only aid your cause.

In order to get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done. So, be sure to consider things that may be outside of your comfort zone. If you’re stuck in a dating-rut, a spring fling may be a perfect remedy!

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