Spring Cleaning: What Ever Happened To An Empty Nest?

Late Bloomers?…Get Your Kids Out of the House!


Times are hard and you fear experiencing the “empty nest” syndrome. You feel obligated to continue to take care of your “baby”.  However, I hate to be the one to tell you; but your baby is officially grown. A 25-40-year-old aged baby living in your house is unacceptable. Not only are you enabling a grown up to be lazy and depend on others; you also are driving yourself crazy cleaning up behind him/her, paying higher utility bills, and agonizing their whereabouts.

Have trust in your parenting skills and simply clean house. Cut the cord. Have faith in the skills that you instilled in your (then) adolescent and allow them to thrive. It is definitely time to do the spring cleaning…starting with your grown up child, do not let your child freeload any longer. In the end, the young adult will be ruined and ultimately lack dependence.

Reasons to put your child out include, but are not limited to:

  • He does not have a job and is not looking
  • She is neither in school nor planning for her future
  • She has a child but YOU take care of your grandchild