The Biggest Boss Is Back In Jail!

Rapper Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested in Louisana After Performance

Notorious rapper Rick Ross, government name William Roberts, was arrested for marijuana possession in Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday March 25th.

The rapper now running around with Sean “Diddy” Combs had a huge hit this summer with his ode to Atlanta’s BMF.

It’s reported that he was popped when officers claimed to have detected a strong odor of mary jane coming from his hotel room at the Shreveport Hilton. When the entered to further investigate, they found a gram of marijuana sitting out in plain view.

Ricky has since been released and performed earlier today in Philly at the I Am Music Too Tour.

From TMZ

I guess being on the other side of the bars is a bit different for Ross. I hope these rappers realize that they’re constantly being WATCHED! You must dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s when you’re in a position of prominence.
I mean how DUMB can you be to smoke marijuana in hotel room when you’re a high profile individual? DING DING! What’s even crazier is it’s not the first time Ross has been arrested for possession. Get it together!
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