BEFORE You Have Sex On The First Date…

First Date Sex….A Few Things To Think About

You are on an amazing first date. You find the other person charming, funny, successful, smart and insanely attractive. He/she is picking up on all your cues and reciprocating. The conversation has been amazing and you can’t stop the tingling butterflies in your stomach. You feel so extremely attracted to the person that all you can really think about is… come on, you already know … SEX!!

Let’s face it, instant attraction can totally consume you. Your ability to think logically? Out the window. Your New Year’s celibacy-resolution? Also out the window (if the other person is game).  The dating rules your Mom gave you? Well, okay, those have probably been out the window for a while….

But, while you’re battling between what your mind says, “I don’t even know her last name” and what your body tells you, “check please!”… it’s easy to get confused.

Consider both the Pluses and Minuses to saying “YES” to first date sex:
PLUS: Of course, you’ll get to have sex!
MINUS: That might be all the other person wants. And you seem to really like them.

PLUS: You can find out if you’re sexually compatible together… saves time!
MINUS: You are no longer “a challenge” because you gave in too early.

PLUS: It might be your ONLY chance!! Strike while the iron’s hot!?!
MINUS: Stage 5 Clinger! If your feelings fade, the other person might become too attached.

The truth is, there are many reason go ahead and do it; BUT there are also many reasons you should keep your pants buttoned-up!! Long-term marriages have resulted from BOTH first-date sex and post-marriage sex… meaning, it really depends on the dynamics of the couple. So, first, you must always listen to your intuition!!!

You must also realize that you’re inevitably taking a gamble by going at it on the first date. Following through with an impulsive desire doesn’t mean that you (or your partner) won’t have regrets later on. Not to mention, you risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases and/or pregnancy.

On the other hand, there are people who vouch that, “love at first sight” does in fact exist, swearing that they knew he/she was the one on that very first date. And, many of these same people believe that regardless of what did/didn’t go down in the sheets that night… it wouldn’t have mattered.

I personally suggest waiting to start a full on “sexpedition” until you’re emotionally connected with your partner and exclusively dating. This will promote the best interests of your physical and emotional health. However, I don’t have a place to judge two people that have a gut feeling that’s telling them “it’s right” because every now and then, it is.

What do you think?

Sex on the first date Yay or Nay?

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