Wendy Williams Makes Her Debut On DWTS

Wendy Williams and partner Tony Dovolani

Wendy Williams Shows her Moves On Dancing With The Stars

Talk show host Wendy Williams made her debut on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” with partner Tony Dovolani Sunday evening.


Wendy Williams, who did not do well last night, flew back from L.A. in the wee hours to be on her talk show today in New York. “I thought I did a great job!” she said on the air today. She and pro partner Tony Dovolani will rehearse all week in New Jersey for Monday’s performance show.

“I am going to do my part to do better than a 14 (score) next week,” she said, adding that she thinks she has lost 7 pounds already. “I danced to the best of my ability, but I know I can bring more.”

Partner Tony adds,

“You know it’s funny because she makes me laugh a lot, but when it comes to work time, she’s very serious about this,” he added. “She wants to give it her all. So we work really hard, when it’s time to joke we joke, when it’s time to work we work.”

I hope Wendy is just warming up! I know she can do better. I’ll be looking out for what she brings next week! Do you think Wendy has a chance a winning?


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