QOTD: Why Do Women Try To “Mold” Men?

Question of the Day:

Why Is My Woman Trying To Change Me?

One common problem I often her about in relationships is the fact that women often try to mold their men. Say you’ve been seeing your significant other for a while now and things seem to be going great.  And suddenly, your lady start making requests – or for some commands – to mold you in to “the man of her dreams”.  Ever wonder why she’s trying to change you?  Is she really loving you for you, or is she trying to make you into someone you’re not?

Many of you (men) have probably thought to yourself “I take care of myself physically and I keep myself clean and trimmed. Why is she trying to change me?”  From my research, I think it’s safe to say that she fell in love with you, flaws and all.  And now as things continue to get more and more serious she could probably do without those flaws.

It’s not a form or attempt to control, but rather a more serious look at who she sees herself spending the rest of her life with.  Generally speaking, women tend to be prepared for the “next step” faster than men are. For this cause, the idea of marriage is commonly thought of from the woman’s perspective long before the presentation of the ring.

Women begin to envision the current man that they are dating as a future husband.  Instead of the casually-dressed beau she’s been dating, she may begin to want to see you in as the business professional hero that she longs for.

My advice? Take it as a compliment, fellas!  It means she’s the one she sees herself with in the future!  If things begin to get complicated or frustrating for you, never hesitate to tell her how you feel. Communication is always important!

Good luck, lovers!

Do any of you have any advice for dealing with a woman who is determined to change her man? Discuss!

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