This Goes Out To All My Baby Mommas….

The University of Michigan did a study that showed an increased number of American women having children by more than one man. The report concluded that 28% of American women had given birth to two or more children by multiple baby daddies. Guess who had 59%???? African American Women!!! Are you surprised?

Did we really need a study to expose the relationship practices of African American women? I think it’s common knowledge that Black women have children by multiple partners. Take a trip with me to Bankhead or any Section 8 housing complex and I’ll show you the same results and save you the time and resources of doing a study.

I hear women in the background ready to picket. But before you do, when is the last time you legislated for prevention programs in your community. You should, You’re paying for it with your taxes-Medicaid, public schools, WIC, and food stamps/EBT . On the other hand, you may be too busy still celebrating your theme song “Baby Momma” by Fantasia. The next time you’re in the grocery store on the 1st or 15th walk up to a black woman with a lot of kids and an EBT card and say ……..“you’re welcome.”

Here’s a better question, when’s the last time you had a talk with the males in your family about their sexual practices and responsibilities?

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