What To Expect During The Government Shutdown

What The Government Shutdown Means For You

It’s acceptable for most things to shut down once in a while,  a car that’s out of gas, the grocery store on Christmas and roads in Atlanta when it’s snowing. But… the government?

The spending bill that currently funds government operations expires today (April 8) at midnight. Thus, if President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner don’t make a deal by then, the government will be closed for business!

Obama announced that while “there’s no certainty yet,” he’s hoping to make a deal by the morning of April 8. After an hour in the Oval Office with Boehner and Reid, Obama briefly reported that differences have been narrowed and the team is pledging to work through the night to break the impasse. He also stated that

“I am not prepared to express wild optimism but I think we are further along today than we were yesterday.”

Still, there is much speculation that our national leaders may not make the deadline, leaving the streets of Washington D.C. with nothing but leftover dust from government briefcases! …and then what!?

I’m not seeing government employees taking this as well as an elementary student hearing that school is canceled. Instead, the stability of nearly 800,000 federal staff members face being suspended without pay. A range of government services will also be withdrawn by either reducing operations or closing when all’s said and done.

Let’s hope that Obama and U.S. leaders make an agreement before 12:01am Saturday! Really, it’s time to get it together. As our leaders, y’all have a duty to protect the hard-working Americans that elected you!

I’m simply NOT down with a government shutdown.

How will your life change with a reduced government role?

Update! They got it together!

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