29-Year-Old Man Lives Life As A Baby

National Geographic’s “Taboo” highlights the life of  Stanley Thornton, the 350 pound adult baby. He sleeps in a giant crib, plays Legos in a baby play area, gets fed with a bottle and is even creating his own gigantic highchair. It’s not sexual, just the recapturing of a simpler time, no matter how psychologically complicated it may appear.

An infantalist, Stanley dresses normally for the real world, but in his apartment, he slips into an adult diaper, pajamas, drinks from a bottle, plays with Legos and sleeps in a crib.

“I’ve had some people that are perfectly fine with it and I’ve had others that are just automatically angry, like they think you’re a pedophile,” says Stanley.

To learn more about the show, which airs Wednesday night, click over to National Geographic.


I’m trying to figure out how they made footed pajamas in that SIZE! I’m just a little leery about this GROWN man thinking that it’s okay for him to live life as an infant! Does he have plans to marry and have children of his own? Or does he just want to escape the real world by living in a crib? ….maybe this is just a cheap cop out from him having to face the realities that come with being an adult. I’d recommend that he come have a chat with me, so we can figure out what’s really going on!

What do you think….is this a fetish or just a weird hobby? Should he be forced to “grow-up?”


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