Atlanta High School Football Coach Points BB Gun At Student

Threatens Student To Make Better Grades

Here in Atlanta, a football coach is being accused of a bizarre method to reach his students. 

Bannekar High School’s assistant teacher and football coach, Kevin Pope, is now behind bars.

According to one student’s accusation, Pope held the student at gun point with a BB gun at a player’s head and jaw.

A sophomore player told Fulton County police that he had gotten bad grades and Pope became angry as a result.

Pope is being accused of aggravated assault and reckless behavior.

He was booked into the Fulton County jail, where he was being held Friday morning on $1,000 bond.

I’m sure that this coach meant well, but pointing a gun at a child’s head and telling him to bring his grades up is just NOT the way to go.

Have you ever had a coach go above and beyond to reach you?


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