Couple Gets Married at White Castle

A “Royal Wedding” Occurs Closer To Home

A Detroit couple decided to have their wedding ceremony at their favorite burger joint, with the presence of some royalty.

The couple, Marquisa Benford, 34, and Donahvan Gray, 21, met at the White Castle two years ago.

“When he came and he flashed those dimples, it melted me. Instantly. I didn’t even want to leave the White Castle after that.”

They were married by an ordained minister named Puddin’, who’s also a local DJ from 98.7 Amp Radio in Detroit. For the reception, of course, they dined on the restaurant’s famous small burgers.

A Queen Elizabeth impersonator was also apart of the festivities.

All seven of Marquisa’s children were in attendance along with the current customers from White Castle.

Congrats to the happy couple…if they like it……………..

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