Nene Leakes Quits “Celebrity Apprentice” & Star Jones Fired

RHOA Star Leaves Her Teammates A Text Message

After all of the Star Jones vs. Nene Leakes hoopla beef both stars exited Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” last night.

During Sunday’s episode, where teams were tasked with producing and selling tickets to a comedy show, Leakes, 41, left her team — John RichLil Jon and La Toya Jackson (who switched places with Meat Loaf at the start of the episode) — high and dry without an explanation. Later, when her teammates couldn’t reach Leakes, Trump decided to dial her up himself.

“I’ve never called anybody but I’m calling you because I think you have great ability,” Trump, 64, told Leakes in a last-ditch effort to keep her around. “If you quit, it’s going to follow you for the rest of your life. For you to quit at the end is stupid.”

“I really feel that Star got her way,” Leakes said after her conversation with Trump. “Mr. Trump bought into her bulls–t. I don’t have to stay with BS to raise money for my charity. The best thing for me to do is leave.”

Trump offered some last words to Nene

“The fact is she left, she quit, she gave up. To you, NeNe, I say, you’re fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not. Potential doesn’t mean sh–. I’ve been hearing about potential all my life, but that usually [is said of people who are] not performing. We let go of Hope and we ultimately lost NeNe. That’s fine. That’s the way life is.”

Ironically Star Jones was fired this episode.

Wendy Williams added her two cents as well

Do you think that Nene should have quit the show? What does it say about your character when you give up on something?


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