Teacher Walked Around Naked At Elementary School

Harlon Porter

Claims He Was Enlightened By His “Third Eye”

A Georgia elementary school teacher was arrested last Friday on charges of public indecency after allegedly stripping and walking around the school naked.

The teacher was reportedly upset about losing his job at Haynie Elementary School. Police said the teacher, Harlon Porter, learned that his employment contract wouldn’t be renewed 2 days before the incident occurred.

During the arrest Porter claimed he had reached a “new level of enlightenment” and “he wanted everybody to be free now that his third eye was open.”

Luckily, no students were exposed to Porter’s “third eye” and had already been dismissed for the day.

If Porter had been seen by students he’d be facing child molestation charges instead of public indecency, authorities said according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Porter had several books in his belongings that appeared to be on topics such as spirituality and transcendental meditation, according to CBS affiliate WGCL.

Although he might not have a future in the Clayton County school system, Porter said he wanted to teach on a new level,

“with hands in the earth, gathering the essence and learning how to love one another and fully appreciate the spiritual realm.”

Porter was charged with a misdemeanor and released Wednesday on a $2,000 bond, reports the Journal-Constitution.

I’m glad that he didn’t expose himself to any of the young students in the school! What is really going on when teachers feel like they can do this kind of stuff? I hope he becomes “enlightened” to what’s appropriate in a school setting after his court date!

What do you think of this foolishness readers?


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