The Award For WORST Graduation Speaker Goes To….

Richard T. Jones Bombs UMD Commencement Address

Actor Richard T. Jones who has starred in “Why Did I Get Married”, “Why Did I Get Married Too”, and “The Wood” fumbled through a ten minute graduation speech at the University of Maryland.

He entered the podium to a soaring introduction but prepared for a let down by saying,

“Wow! I had this great speech ready for you guys and then you put me behind a bunch of doctors. You put an actor…behind a bunch of doctors…and then they said everything I wanted to say so I figure I’ll keep talking until I say something. I had such great analogies. I had such great quotes…And every one was used already. I’m glad I looked up a word called improv because that is what is going to happen here.”

After watching the video I’m a little disappointed at him for not preparing for this moment. He definitely was a let down to a few students in the audience,

“As someone who was there, it was the most pathetic and embarrassing moment of my life. As an African-American female who was receiving a doctorate degree on this day, I had never been so angry and upset by the antics of an African-American male. He should be ashamed of himself for not being better prepared. It was disrespectful and a disgrace.

What do you think of the speech? Hot or Not?


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