Transgender Author Claims She Slept With LL Cool J…

Toni Newman Claims She’s Slept With LL Cool J, Eddie Murphy and Hot 97’s DJ Mr. Cee

Whew….and yet another transgendered woman is claiming to have slept with several black celebrity men, including LL Cool J, Eddie Murphy and DJ Mr. Cee (who ironically was caught with a transvestite recently).

Toni Newman details the accounts in her new book “I Rise- The Transformation Of Toni Newman.”

LL Cool J was a one time encounter and very enjoyable.”

Mister Cee picked me up and many others for the sole purpose of receiving oral sex. Mister Cee was obsessive about receiving good head and he was very verbal and very generous if you performed up to his expectations.”

“I never had an encounter with Eddie Murphy, but he was visiting 14th street late at night. I know at least five transgenders who did have sex with Eddie Murphy. He was interested in the girl with the biggest male genitalia.”

Newman claims to have passed polygraph tests about the stories given by a retired employee of the U.S. government.

Seems like we’re starting to hear more about celebrities and their down-low extravaganzas….when will it stop?

Do you believe Toni Newman’s stories? Why are so many black celebrity men rumored to on the down-low? Is it just hating or something real?

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