7-Year-Old Steals His Mother’s Car To Go Visit Dad

From the NY Daily News

A 7-year-old Michigan boy boosted a car and drove some 20 miles – at more than 60 mph – before cops caught him, police said.

Police in Huron County, Mich., said the pajama-clad tyke was on a high-speed mission to see his dad.

“He was crying and just kept saying he wanted to go to his dad’s,” Caseville Police Chief Jamie Learman told the Detroit Free Press. “That was pretty much it. He just wanted to go to his dad’s.”

Authorities in Huron, in Michigan’s Thumb region, began a frantic search for a red Pontiac Sunfire at around 10 a.m. Monday after witnesses reported seeing a pint-sized driver peering over the steering wheel.

Police said the boy was staying with his mom in Sheridan Township, about 110 miles north of Detroit.

Barefoot and wearing his jammies, the child took his stepfather’s car from his mom’s house while she slept and his stepdad was out. The boy was headed to his dad’s home in Filion, about 12 miles away, cops said.

Police said he worked the gas and the wheel while standing up on the floorboard.

After weaving through downtown Caseville, the boy gunned it on a two-lane road outside of town, reaching speeds of 65-70 mph.

Learman said he and a Huron County deputy eventually caught up to the boy on the rural road and used their vehicles to box the car in and pull him over.

Meanwhile, police called his mom, who didn’t know that the boy was gone, according to the Free Press.

“She was frantic,” Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said.

The boy, his mother and the stepfather were not identified by police.

The mother and son were taken to the county’s department of human services.

Prosecutors were trying to figure out how the boy knew how to drive and whether to file charges.

I’m glad that this kid is okay!

How do you cope with your child wanting to see their other parent in split families?

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