8th Grade Students Visit Hooters For Lunch

QOTD: Would You Mind Your Child Visiting HOOTERS On A Field Trip?

A field trip ended up showing a group of central Pennsylvania students more than they bargained for, when they stopped for lunch at a restaurant…most people visit to ogle the busty waitresses.

The Berwick Middle School students were visiting the National Aquarium last week. Chaperones took them to various restaurants for lunch because the group of 100 was too large for a single place.

The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise reports Tuesday that one group of 15 to 20 students ended up at Hooters.

Superintendent Wayne Brookhart says that while he wishes the group’s coed chaperones had chosen another restaurant, he has not received any complaints from parents.

Hooters spokesman Mike McNeil says the restaurant chain often hosts groups, including sports teams and church organizations with teens and younger children.

I remember the days when parents had to sign permission slips for their child to attend certain events, what’s changed? Although I don’t think that the visit to the restaurant was THAT horrible, I would have liked the option of deciding if I wanted my child surrounded by…well HOOTERS.

Would you let your middle school child knowingly visit the restaurant on a field trip?


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