Bishop Paul Morton Wants An Apology From Eddie Long

“If Your Brother Trespass Against You, Rebuke Him”

Seems like we’re not the only ones waiting for a Bishop Eddie Long apology. Bishop Paul Morton issued a fiery plea for his brother in Christ to repent, so that he could be forgiven for his sins.

“If the settlement has already been made they can’t sue you again, but you can apologize,” he said. “Some people will stay with you, some people gonna leave you, but you’ve got to leave that up to God. Those are the consequences for the sins that we do.”

Bishop Morton is the son of a preacher man and was raised in the Pentecostal church. Born in Windsor in Ontario, Canada, he moved to New Orleans in 1972 and joined Greater St. Stephen as an associate pastor. A recording artist,author, musician and singer, Morton began with 647 members and has seen the membership grow to more than 20,000. The church now has three church locations, offering eight worship services per week, with five services on Sunday.

In pleading for Bishop Long to apologize Morton said,

“All I’m waiting for is for you to repent. I’ll talk to people on your behalf to say this man has repented. We’ve got to forgive him of his sin and let the church roll on,” he said. “That’s what the body of Christ has to do.”

“I can’t forgive somebody that does not repent.”

Do you agree or disagree with Morton’s plea?

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