Girl, 5, Allegedly Abused By Mother For Resembling Her Father

Five-Year-Old Girl Weighed Just 19lbs

Some people just don’t deserve to have children.

A five-year-old girl was found weighing just 19lbs – half the average weight for her age – after her mother allegedly forced her to live in a closet because she looked too much like her father.

The mother, Asusena Marie Gonzales hasĀ  been charged with child abuse and neglect after allegedly starving and beating her daughter at their home in Oklahoma City.

Police said the five-year-old was severely malnourished with visible joints, very thin arms and legs, and covered in bruises.

Social workers said the 31-year-old’s other five children appeared healthy, but Gonzales allegedly targeted the little girl because she looked the most like her father, and the couple had fallen out.

  • little girl was locked in closet with just a cup to urinate and defecate
  • mother also allegedly withheld food
  • beaten with a cord

The Gonzalez was also wanted on seven other charges, including disorderly conduct.

Singling out one child for this kind of perverse treatment is indicating some type of severe mental issue. I’m hoping that this little girl will be able to recover from this ordeal, and thrive in a loving and supporting environment.
A parent should never blame a child for something that they can not help, or should consider letting the child live someone who won’t have to struggle with daily care-taking. This case reminds me a lot of women who have a baby by their rapist and live with the daily reminder of their assault – which in turn may make them resent or hate their child. Don’t take on more then you can bear. As always, I’m here if you need to chat.

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