Is the Black Church on Life Support?

As an Elder in the COGIC, (Church of God in Christ), it is really taking a lot out of me to write this article. Day in and day out there are pastors, elders, missionaries, saints and friends that seem to be having issues with morality and sexual deviant behavior.  Just cut your television on and you will see the crimes being committed from the pulpit.

My question is, “Is there no place for the impaired ministers to get HELP?” There are two issues here in my eyesight. The first being moral and the second being the further perpetuation of generational curses. I really don’t know how to figure this one out as a psychiatrist, but the top ten issues that our leaders (Bishop and General Boards) must face in this 21st century.  I am speaking to ALL  Pentecostals, Baptists, AMEs, CMEs , PAWs and all churches that are out there now. No one denomination or sect is EXEMPT. God forbid if you go to a non-denominational church that has no governing body.  You are really in trouble!   They do what they do and are accountable to no one. Get out quick!  Yes I said it and I mean it!

Here is the list;

  1. Homosexuality in the pulpit and other church ministries.
  2. Misappropriation of funds by pastors and trustees.
  3. Poorly trained pastors, evangelists and churchman in today’s churches.
  4. Teenage pregnancy in the local church’s youth departments.
  5. Pedophilia perpetrated by male and female church ministers.
  6. Adultery, mental and sexual encounters, between the pastor with both female and male parishioners.
  7. Lack of training to deal with the Mentally Ill who compose almost 80% of our churches in my opinion.
  8. Lack of training to deal with members with past and present abuse and trauma issues.
  9. Extortion of money from church members through anniversaries and other special “pastoral” days.
  10. Inward fighting between strong trustee boards and weak pastors.

Now readers, I never really ask you to comment on most topics. However, today I really need your help in this discussion. I am begging you to go to my blog and  leave a comment, not just on Facebook, but also on the blog. Do you feel as frustrated as I do? Have you just about given up on the organized church? Is enough enough in our churches? Is the black church on life support? What will it take in order for it to be revived? Please let me hear from you…….we created a forum dedicated to this topic.

Dr. O

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